Back in January 2007 I weighted 175lbs. And I’m 6’1″.

My sole goal was to gain muscles (and a six-pack) before the 4th of July that year.

I wanted a great physique for 2 main reasons. For girls to like me and for me to feel I accomplished something big in a somewhat short period of time.

I was never the scrawny kid back in high school, but I certainly wasn’t muscular enough to look manly and to intimidate anyone.

There was one little detail though, that was preventing me from taking action.

I felt I wasn’t ready.

I felt I wasn’t ready to hit the gym 5 days a week.

I felt I wasn’t ready to stick to a workout program for 6 months.

I felt I wasn’t ready to hire a personal trainer and follow his advice to the letter.

Looking back, I think it was a mix of insecurity, fear of the unknown and procrastination.

I was stuck.

Also, I was afraid people at the gym would judge me.

I was picturing in my head people laughing at the at the gym, or looking at me sideways for the way I looked, for my physique.

Fast forward a few weeks, I was now at the beginning of February, and I still hadn’t set foot in the gym.

I was running out of time. So I “jumped”.

The first couple weeks felt like a total disconnect.

I didn’t know what I was doing in terms of proper exercise.

I didn’t know if I was lifting too little, too heavy, too often or not enough.

I would try to mimic other buff people at the gym and copy their routines.

Even though I was copying their form with much less weight, my form really sucked.

So I started going at the gym late at night, so less people would see me and “judge” me. (In reality, no one was caring).

After a few weeks and the initial soreness, I realized I was doing something right.

My body started to feel more toned and I started to look a little bulkier.

It was working!

I had no idea what I was doing initially – but I figured it out along the way.

There Is No Magic Pill Or Perfect Plan

I’ve seen a lot of people getting excited about starting affiliate marketing or other online businesses.

But they never start.

One of the biggest takeaways I’ve learned in my life is to get started as soon as you get the idea.

It’s called  “killing procrastination” – the speed at which you implement things.

A lot of marketers get stuck in the infamous “analysis paralysis”.

They read countless forum posts, blogs, books about marketing, but they never implement anything.

They want to feel they know it all before doing any actual work.

I was like that too. You might be like that too.

The first step is to recognize your situation.

I wanted to start an affiliate marketing campaign, but it felt it wasn’t the right “time.”

Unfortunately life can be very unpredictable.

The Time Is Now

As soon as you have an idea, so SOME research, and then take action right away.

I initially had zero idea of what I was doing. I had no experience, no mentors, and a very tight budget.

But my willingness to make it overcame any obstacle.

You know how I did it?

By thinking “small”. Everyone preaches about “thinking big”, but that “big” can be big enough to intimidate you, make you over-analyze, or make you freeze before taking any action.

Don’t try to make $10K the first month you start advertising.

Start by getting a website, a Facebook page, a domain and a few ads running.

Being an entrepreneur is like jumping off a plane when skydiving, and trusting the parachute will open when the time comes.

You don’t need 10 mentors. 1 or 2 are enough to start.

You don’t need a precise road map – there is none. You will figure out the way as you go.

There is no epiphany. You will never feel ready, so you might as well start now.

The best way to learn is to take immediate and action.

There WILL be a million things you will have to do, however in any given moment, you will be doing just one at the time.

You’ll make far more progress by taking action and making mistakes than sitting still and over thinking.

Every expert was once an amateur. Every master was once a beginner.

There are countless affiliate who started with much less money and resources that you, that now are millionaires.

Tough is good.

You will figure out each step of the way.