When someone reaches significant achievements or high level or success, society says they “got lucky”.

Saying someone got “lucky” takes away credit from their actual work, efforts, persistence and intelligence. It is a cheap and quick way to blame it on external factors.

However, the opposite is considered true if you take it the other way around: if you’re NOT successful, then you’re incompetent.

Pure Luck

Have you ever worked really hard to get somewhere or achieve something, and had someone telling you you were lucky? Ouch.

To be completely honest, I personally believe that “luck” is a combination of personal effort and timing.

I do believe there is a percentage of “pure luck”, like a shooting star, that can hit you randomly and (very) rarely.

For example, you could win the lottery. The chances are 1 in several million, however there are people who won.

If that happens, enjoy it, but don’t expect it.

Combined Luck

The combination of luck that is given by personal effort and timing could be better explained as a Blogger who puts time and effort to create their own content, and then one day the content gets noticed by big media, and it goes viral. 

There’s luck involved, but it would have never happened if the blogger didn’t make any efforts blogging.

Another level of luck is the one you can create.

In her book, “Can You Learn To Be Lucky“, Karla Starr says that there is enough evidence for us to foresee the unforeseeable. There is enough history, data, experiences and evidence for us to know what to do and create our own favorable events.

As you learn to read the events and spot opportunities, you will be able to steer luck more and more in your favor, even though, from the people outside, it will seem you just have “luck” with no merit of your own.

This is the downside of all the pros’, in any field.

Second Hand Luck

This is one of the hardest to achieve and understand.

It is when other people become successful through Combined Luck”, and you’re able to reap the benefits because of your efforts in emulating them.

This brings me to an example in affiliate marketing.

Even though there are thousands of people who are good affiliates, only a few are able to build a personal brand by emulating super affiliates.

I’ve busted my ass to build a solid reputation as an affiliate marketer and being professional in everything that I do.      

By putting hours, sweat, efforts into it, I’m now able to receive premium benefits and be in the inner circle, breathing “second hand luck” from the people who are more successful than me.

When you reach that level, you cannot call it luck anymore. It’s because you built a replicable, scalable system that allows you to replicate success in other areas.

I cannot stress enough the importance of building a personal brand. You saw my site tagline that says No Products, No Inventory, No Shipping, No Customer service?

It is 100% true, but that doesn’t mean you are a passive contributor to the arbitration. You HAVE to build your own brand. It doesn’t necessarily mean creating your own product. It is adding your own twist, style and and delivery.

At some point people will search for your brand name on Google and social media. What will they see? How is your brand presented to them?

In these days, job recruiter will put your name in Facebook and/or IG/Google and will find you. Some people even lost jobs because of what recruiters found online.

Also, let me spend a word about competition. Don’t compete. For example, if you build websites and charge $1000 for it, when it could be done by people overseas for a fraction of the cost.

Add specialization to your game. Don’t stop at websites.

There are way too many people who build websites. Make it more specific. Build woo-commerce sites. Build funnels.

Surround Yourself or Follow Winners

It is impossible to physically rubbing elbows with most winners in the game. However, with social media, you can follow them, read their books and let them be a part of your life.

I have watched hundreds of hours of Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Wesley Virgin, and other big players in the game. For free. I also spent thousands of dollars in training products, but for the most part, the knowledge I got was obtained for free watching YouTube and reading their blogs.

Heck, you might wanna spend that $14.95 for a good book that will give you invaluable knowledge.