I wanted to talk to you today about some of the top reasons that email marketing should be the type of business you pursue online. Some of these are kind of common sense but some are not, so pay close attention take some notes.

Reason #1: Penetration

Email marketing literally penetrates the online community. There’s about 3.2 billion people that actually have email marketing accounts, and 95% of them use their email. 91% check their email at least once a day. There’s just simply not any competition if you want to build a business, or if you want to generate your leads, or if you want to push traffic to your website.
Whether it’s Shopify, Amazon….even if you don’t even have a business right now, all you got to do is have an email list. You grab an affiliate link and send it to your list.

Reason #2: Reach

Your emails reach more people when you have an email list than anything else. In social media we talk about reach in terms of, well so-and-so has 15,000 fans so they have this massive reach. Well, reality is on social media you can have a hundred thousand Twitter followers and you can have four hundred thousand Facebook fans and all this stuff;  however, that doesn’t mean that every time you send out a tweet or make a post on Facebook they’re gonna see it.
It doesn’t mean that it’s even going to be displayed to them, but with email marketing it’s different. If you have a hundred thousand people on your email list and you send an email,  you are
reaching 100,000 people. Now some might say, well what about spam folders and stuff like that?
Let’s just assume 20% of your emails don’t make it to the end user to the people on your list.  If you got a 100,000 you’re still reaching 80,000 people. I can promise you with a hundred thousand Facebook fans with a hundred thousand Twitter followers you’re simply aren’t going to reach 80% of them every time you send out a message.  This email reach allows you to generate that revenue quickly. As entrepreneurs, we sometimes are looking at the short term for getting the long term but we’re looking at the short term. In the short term we want to
make quick money and you can do that with email marketing.

Reason #3: Longevity

Longevity is the long term, the lifetime value. There are people on my email list right now that have been on my email list for a few YEARS and they still open my emails. They still click and they are still part of my business. That is not typical in any other type of advertising medium, so longevity is an absolute reason why you should be starting your own email marketing business right now.

Reason #4: ROI

ROI is your Return On Investment. As an email marketer, ROI is second-to-none, because you are able to promote multiple times at the same cost (the cost you sustained to acquire each email). This is key because you’re paying once, but get revenue multiple times.  There aren’t very many of any other types of business models that allow you to pay one time.
So you build your email list and then turn around and promote multiple times and earn revenue multiple times without ever having to spend another penny. This lends to the long-term
viability of your business.

Reason #5: Its Personal

The customer approach needs to be a personal approach and that personal approach is happening with email marketing. When we get an email we consider that to be a very personal thing,  it’s hitting our personal inbox. Check out the video I made about email marketing here.