Copywriting for affiliate marketing is an essential skill if you wanna make it in this industry.

Imagine a random woman is surfing Facebook and sees your ad.

You’re asking them to pull out their credit card, give away some personal information, or sit there and watch a long video (Some of those Clickbank offers can feature 40+ minute long videos)

Those are some huge actions you’re asking a person to take. The only way to convince them on the internet is to use great copywriting.

Copywriting is using words to convince people to take some form of action.

Think about your affiliate marketing funnel.

You need great headlines if you want them to click (and the higher your click-through rates, the lower your cost per click).

You need great landing page copy if you want them to take action on the offer.

Becoming a better copywriter means you’ll have better landing pages, ads, and angles over your competition.

This means you get cheaper clicks, and more conversions.

All of this gives you an edge to become more profitable.

I’ve read 40+ copywriting books and have written ads / landing pages over the past 9 years.

You’re going to get the 80/20 of what I’ve learned in this blog.

Get to know the VERTICAL you are working in first. I can’t stress this enough.

Later on you can narrow in on specific offers, but getting into the right mindset for your vertical is key.

This sounds like an old marketing concept, but it’s still valid for affiliates.


The more you discover about your vertical, the more pain points you discover that you can use in your copy.

Here are some steps I take to get to know my target marker / vertical better:

Google the offer name – see what comes up and use the results to dictate what you need to emphasize in your copy. There might also be testimonials you can use, or sticking points people have which you can address in your copy.

Find a popular forum in that vertical. This is YOUR customers interacting with each other sharing their own problems. Forums are a gold mine of information about the vertical you’re working in.

What are big companies doing in your vertical? You might be a small time affiliate right now, but there are billion dollar companies in most of the common CPA verticals – read some of their copy and study it. What are they doing that you can innovate on?

Get to know the language. When you speak a common language, you build trust with your audience. For example, if you’re running weight loss offers, women often use the phrase “muffin top“. If you are in the “quit smoking” vertical, you want to use phrases like “cold turkey“

Get the offer page translated and read it + go through the funnel yourself. Your affiliate manager can fire a conversion for you, then you can see what the whole funnel looks like. You might pick up on some extra pain points or benefits you can use in your copy that other affiliates missed.

Research what locals are doing. What works well in the USA might not work well in the UK. So if you’re doing research on a market, make sure you’re looking at the right market. Use places, names, and products that are common in that area. The term for this is “hyper-localization”.

Interview your target customer. This is something you could do if you already have a good campaign, and you’re wanting to make it great.

You could get someone to take a look at your landing page and ask them what they think.

You could interview them and ask them about previous things they’ve tried and failed at.

Ask them what their biggest reasons for not buying your product are (and then address these in your copy)

The Headline

I love writing headlines because it’s the first thing that gets seen. If your headline doesn’t draw attention, nobody ever gets to read the content. Headlines are one of the “power variables” that can make a huge difference to the success of your campaign.

I’ve written about headline formulas and given you my top headline writing tips before, but here’s the 80/20:

Use power words

Compare your offer with other offers, or to not using your offer

Ask a question

Use some well-known headline formulas

Use similar language to the reader

Read Cashvertising & study it

Address a strong pain point

Write out your starting headline, then make 25 variations on it. You will eventually come up with great headlines when you drill down deeper into your brain.

Copywriting is part science and part art.

The science is that there are certain components and strategies that almost ALL profitable copywriting includes.

The art is that there’s no guide to writing copy for the EXACT offer, market and industry you are working on. You have to use your skills, and tailor them to a slightly different variation each time.

In this section, I want to show you how I write copy and the reason WHY some of these components work.

I see a lot of online copywriting for offers where people talk about features.

Here’s a real life example of features vs benefits.

Nobody wants to hear about your features.

Hardcore enthusiasts often DO want to hear about features, but most affiliate marketing (especially mobile & native) is targeted to a more broad audience – NOT hardcore enthusiasts.

The only thing people care about is:

“What’s In It For Me?”

Let’s say you are promoting a weight loss offer.

What’s the benefit of weight loss?

For MOST people, it’s looking better. Some people do it for health, but 99% of marketing for weight loss is aimed at self-image.

Now, what’s the benefit of that benefit?

What’s the benefit of being better looking?

There are a ton – let’s brainstorm a few:

You look better so you’ll get more girls

Other guys will respect you more if you look like an athlete

You’ll get more confidence, which will lead to more benefits

You have more options for career choice (there are studies that show beautiful people do better financially)

You’ll make the haters jealous

You can see that “looking better” is not the end result that people want.

You should use this for your offers.

Ask yourself what the benefit of your offer is, then ask “What’s the benefit of that benefit?”

This is what helps you to hit your reader at a more emotional level.

Power Words

Affiliates use these a lot.

It’s because there are word limitations in ads. A headline can only be so long, so you need to grab people.

What are power words?

Anything that snap people out of their daze and get them to sit up and pay attention.