Until not long ago, my copywriting skills were subpar. To be honest, I am still learning.

So what I did was, I look at what my competitors were doing, and modeled off of them.

At first, this backfired. Not because I copied them (I didn’t), but because I would spin off a particular headline over and over, with no further testing.

I searched the internet for hours, trying to find the perfect headlines for my ads.

For some reason, I got inspired by going old school. I wanted to take a look at real books titles.

I wanted to see if there was something in there that I was missing.

I had an epiphany. I came to realize that most headlines were similar to each other.

Even though the books were from completely different sections and topics, I notices a few common trends in ALL OF THEM.

They all appealed to 4 main angles.

I instantly knew I could adapt and apply these to my campaigns.

Ready for the inside scoop?

Headline Formulas

1. Make A Bold Promise Without The Pain

The Marines have a saying, “Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die”.

Basically, we all want the benefits and to be able to reap the fruits without working for them.

Let’s look at the weightloss niche. How about losing weight without a diet or exercise? I’m obviously over-simplifying here, but you get the point.

You want to promise your audience they can achieve their desired goal without suffering.

The Formula: How to

[their wish/desire.goal] without [pain point/painful method/common strategy]

  1. How to Lose Stubborn Fat Without Diet or Ever Setting Foot In A Gym
  2. How to Make $756 In A Day Without Selling Anything
  3. How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery or Dangerous Products

2. Compare Yourself To The Best Competitor(s)

Users make assumptions and impulse action (AKA buy) based on something they are familiar with.

You want to compare your product or service to the best competitor, and tell the user how much better yours is.

It is called “anchoring”.

The Formula: [Your Product/Offer/Brand] is Better than [Known Competitor/Best Competitor]


  1. This Program Is Better Than A Tony Robbins’ Seminar
  2. Our Dating App Crushes Tinder 10X
  3. This Cream Will Make You Toss All Your ProActive Products

There’s a natural tendency in humans of wanting to improve whatever they are using.

Leverage this to your advantage.

3. Promise Immediate Results and Instant Gratification

People hate waiting. Give it to me NOW.

When you indicate a very short time frame (shorter than typical), you hit the spot.

The Formula: [Get Product/Desired Result] in a [Shorter Time Frame Than Usual Or LESS]


  1. Get Your Ideal Mate Before Christmas
  2. Get Rid Of Your Wrinkles In 2 Weeks
  3. How To Make $100/Day In Less Than 7 Days

4. Challenge The Experts’ Opinion

You probably saw Mike Chang’s YouTube ads a few years ago.

“Personal Trainers HATE Him”

In the fitness niche, personal trainers are the experts and the authority.

What makes them turn against this (then) unknown Asian self-proclaim expert?

Are they scared of him?

You want to imply that your brand, product or service is so good that poses a serious threat to the leading brands.

The Formula: The Secret of [Your Niche] the [Experts In Your Niche] Don’t Want You to EVER Know


  1. The Leaked Google Ads Strategy That Matt Cutts Hates
  2. 3 Everyday Diet Habits That Big Pharma Is Hiding From You
  3. 38 YO Single Mom Shows You A FREE Teeth Whitening Method That Dentist Are Charging Your For

To Sum It Up

I rarely come up with new headlines from scratch.

I now have a list of headlines taken from popular books and from copywriting books that I use.

I spin off those because they are proven to work time and time again.

Send me 1 headline you come up with in for your niche.