What would you do if you had 25hrs instead of 24hrs, Mon-Fri?

  • Would you stop working 1 hr earlier?
  • Spend that extra hour doing something you like?
  • Would you spend that extra hour praying/meditating?

1 extra hour every day is a game changer. I know because I have it.

I got it from my long time friend Alex. I can say with confidence that he’s one of the least tech-savvy person on earth, yet he can set up automation like a mo-fo.

Automation allows him to literally manufacture time to dedicate to his favorite hobby, which is sculpting.

I’d personally never spend a single minute of my time sculpting, as I’m arguably the least artsy person on earth. I devote my extra hour to playing bass.

But the point is, I admire my friend’s productivity, and he taught me how to be more productive.

When you get that extra hour, you decide how you want to use that time.

I want to teach out personal automation.

Personal Automation is not that complicated. It’s just no one has ever showed you how to do it.

As an AG, (Affiliate Gangster), it is imperative that you learn automation.

Think about all the repetitive tasks you perform every day. Something like:

  • Copy and pasting text, ad copy.
  • Emails replies
  • Website functionality testing (making sure your landers are running)
  • Downloading images/creatives
  • Checking your performance on the network
  • Downloading reports…

Since you likely do this every day, several times a day, you don’t even think about it. You just do it, mechanically.

However, most of these tasks can be automated. A lot of these tasks can be automated. Now I have them automated and it has given me hours back every week that I never thought I had.

This brings me back when I first hired a maid. I wasn’t rich yet, I was just making a basic living.

I sat down and calculated that hiring a maid to come once a week to clean my apartment would cost me $120. Friends had told me a gazillion times that hiring a maid would save me lots of time and frustration. But I always resisted, because was being cheap.

Even though financially it made sense for me, I still refused for a long time.

Then once day I had guests coming to visit me, so I needed to clean my place spic and span. I was in the middle of several project for AG, and I had zero time to clean.

Begrudgengly, I hired a maid from Taskrabbit to clean my place.

In 1 hour, Maria came and cleaned my place from top to bottom. I was amazed.

Since that day, I’ve never cleaned my apartment myself ever again.  I use that extra hour to read a book, catch up with social media, listen to audiobooks, or SLEEP. I need sleep sometimes too.

If you’re having reservations about whether Personal Automation can help you, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it and seen it in action. Don’t be like me when I was resisting getting a housekeeper even though I knew it would benefit me. To this day it was one of the best things that have happened to me.